Myanmar Food
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Myanmar Food

Most of Myanmar people have three meals per day. They like cooked rice as their main food and served with curry of meat or fish together with soup, salad and vegetables. During meals, all the dishes laid out on the table and served. At the end of the meals desserts such as laphat ( tea leaves with assorted fried beans, fruit or jaggery with green tea.


Curry is the central element and it is oily, which based on pork, chicken, Beef, mutton or fish mixed with pounded garlic, onion, ginger, tummerics, chillis and spices.


There are many different styles of soup. Which are sweet, or bitter or sour and spicy. There are soup contain meat on fish and vegetables. Some are sour made with tamarind pulp or tomato. And there are bean soup of various kinds.


Salads are combination of vegetables, onions, tamarind juice, chili, fish sauce, fried crush garlic oil, pounded dried prawn mixture.


Most common dessert is laphet or pickled tea leaves served with roasted seasame seed, peanut, fried beans, garlic and a small dried prawn. Jiggery, made by toddy juice Is popular with royal people especially in upper Myanmar.


There are a number of traditional snacks and most of people are fond of snacks as a first food at breakfast or tea time.

Mote Hin Nga

Rice noodle with fish soup is called Mote Hin Nga, Which is one of favourite snack in Myanmar. People enjoyed at breakfast or tea time, which can get from teashop, street shop and market.

Nangyi Thoke

Thick rice noodle with chicken gravy, thin slices of fish cake , slice of boiled egg and, slice of onion mix together. Which is eaten as a breakfast, lunch or snack.

Shan Noodle

Mostly the people in shan state found of shan noodle as a snack, which make with thin rice noodle mixture of chicken gravy, tomato paste, peanut and a drizzle of garlic oil. It’s served with pickled vegetables and fried pork rips.

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