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Q. What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

A. October to April is the high season, with the ending of Monsoon, and most of the travelers visit to Myanmar in this period. The low season (from May to September) period also has its own natural beauty and able to visit in Myanmar.

Q. Can we use our credit cards in Myanmar?

A. Currently, credit cards are not accepted in Myanmar though there are some very limited hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants accept in Yangon. So, it’s advisable that the travelers should bring enough money for your travel, accommodation, shopping and dining expenses etc. US$ cash is more preferable for Euro and other currencies are difficult to use in Myanmar.

Q. Can I bring my mobile phone and use it in Myanmar?

A. You can bring your mobile phone but it won’t work in Myanmar for outside call from the country.

Q. Can I bring along my Laptop?

A. Laptops can be brought in freely for the traveler’s own use.


Q. I would like to visit Myanmar in July. How is the weather ? Is this a good time to travel within the country?

A. It is a monsoon period and is raining everyday around the southern part of country and hilly regions. However, if you travel to upper Myanmar where most of the famous tour sights has not much rain.

Q. I would like to visit Myanmar and where are the beach destinations in Myanmar? When would be the best time of the year to visit to beach resorts?

A. The best time for a visit to Myanmar beaches is between November and April. Which is out of the monsoon period. The beaches with easy access are mainly at the Bay of Bengal on the west coast. There are Ngew Saung Beach, Chaungtha Beach, and Ngapali Beach (most beautiful and highly visited).

Q. I would like to know maximum baggage weight that can be checked in to the carrier for the hold and maximum you can carry-on with you on the plane (hand luggage)?

A. Registered luggage per person is 20 kg. Not for hand baggage. Hand baggage is only 5 kg.

Q. Is there anything need to notice, like you are not allowed to take the SIM phone card into Myanmar?


A. You can bring SIM card with you but can not use in Myanmar. You can use IDD phone or Pfingo and Gtalk at Internet cafe.

Q. If I will travel to Myanmar in mid Feb, when should I send my passport to the embas

A. If you intend to visit to Myanmar as a FIT you can get the FIT Visa at the Myanmar embassy from your country, without LOI( letter of invitation ) from travel agency in Myanmar.
If you intend to visit as a package you can apply for the Package Visa from the embassy together with the LOI of the travel agency that you buy the package. As soon as you give the confirm for your trip you have to send your passport and personal detail to the agency in Myanmar.

Q. Is it forbidden to take mobile telephones into Myanmar and the tourist must be surrendered to the customs at the entry airport?

A. I would like to inform you that the tourist can bring the mobile phone to Myanmar but they can’t use it and they have to change the SIM card from Myanmar.

Q. I-pad, Is it allow to take into Myanmar without problem?

A. No problem to bring in the I-pad to Myanmar

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